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Eric Carter, a co-founder of, resides in North Hollywood, California.  He has been a special education teacher teaching grades K - 12, for the past 12 years.  In addition, he has also been teaching in adult education for the past five years.  Prior to his career in education, Eric has had many different jobs ranging from the banking industry to managing a synagogue to being an administrative assistant for a retired California Superior Court Judge.

Eric began his interest in politics early in life when he joined the Young Republicans of Texas in 1987, when he was 16.  Six years later, after his move to California, Eric began to be more involved in environmental, feminist, civil rights, and electoral reform activities, which drew him to the Green Party of California.  In 1994, Eric was the campaign manager for a California State Assembly candidate.  In 1996, Eric worked on various Green Party campaigns in Oxfordshire, England.  The following year, in 1997, Eric volunteered for a federal campaign with the New Democratic Party (NDP) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Finally, in 2004, Eric even ran for Congress.  

For this campaign fundraising project, Eric has been in charge of all the research on campaigns and candidates.  He hopes that this website will be a useful tool for people wanting to make an actual difference and targeting their campaign dollars to campaigns where it will have the most effect.